I signed the Hope Accord.

Visualising the ego

An idea I’ve been playing with recently is thinking of the sense of self as a multidimensional object, and being able to visualise it as a kind of geometric shape made out of light that each person has with them, like an aura. Certain personality dimensions could appear as intuitive visual representations—narcissism, for example, could be apparent as a gaping hole for attention and validation that would be visually off-putting to some people while perhaps at the same time dangerously compelling to naturally empathetic people.

If we could see personality traits, it would be easy to work around them and understand them. But engaging in this thought experiment might be good enough: if we can adopt the attitude of discerning and then making decisions based on personality traits as simple geometric properties of an object, it might make us more straight-forwardly empathetic and considerate of other people’s realities. There would be less second-guessing, less self-focus, if we could see others’ personalities – their egos – as objects in the real world, as opposed to having to construct a model of them from fully within our own minds, where we’re in a more verbal, feelings-oriented mode and are more likely to feel defensive and to want to enforce boundaries.