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30 June 2023

Copying command output to the clipboard on Linux

To copy the output of a command to the clipboard in Linux you can use the following command:


echo string | xclip -selection clipboard

string (plus a newline) will now be available on the main clipboard. To strip out the newline, use echo -n.


Requires xclip, a command-line utility for working with the clipboard.

sudo apt install xclip


I use the following script to strip the trailing newline only if the string is single-line:

(Saved in ~/bin as copy-input-to-clipboard).



lines=$(echo "$str" | wc -l)

function clipboard {
	xclip -selection clipboard

if [ $lines -eq "1" ]; then
	echo -n "$str" | clipboard
	echo "$str" | clipboard

c alias

To make this available as the more concise c, put the following line in your aliases/bashrc file:

alias c='xclip -selection clipboard'


alias c='copy-input-to-clipboard'

Note: the -selection clipboard option indicates copying to the main clipboard as opposed to the middle-click one.